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Theorems by Women Mathematicians

This separate listing celebrates the women who have proved, or jointly proved, theorems described in this website. Biographical and/or contact details may be found in the Index of Mathematicians. I would be very grateful to hear of any inaccuracies in this information.

Some general information relating to women in mathematics can be found here.

I am unlikely to resume my calendar series "12 Theorems by Women Mathematicians" in the near future (I am only adding new theorems very slowly at present and haven't accumulated enough new ones by women). The 2010 calendar is still available as a free download here.


2008 Calendar "12 theorems by women mathematicians"

2008 Calendar


2009 calendar "12 theorems by women mathematicians"

2009 Calendar


2010 Calendar "12 Theorems by Women Mathematicians"

2010 Calendar

Germain's Theorem (59)

and Sophie Germain's Identity (231) (Sophie Germain, 1776–1833)

The Cauchy–Kovalevskaya Theorem (88) (Sofia Kovalevskaya, 1850–1891)

The Classification of Archimedean 4-Polytopes (160) (Alicia Boole Stott, 1860–1940)

The Albert–Brauer–Hasse–Noether Main Theorem (158)

and the First (34), Second (35) and Third (253) Isomorphism Theorems

and The Skolem–Noether Theorem (125)

and Noether's Symmetry Theorem (86) (Emmy Noether, 1882–1935)

Cartwright's Theorem (98) (Mary Lucy Cartwright, 1900–1998)

Moufang's Theorem (61) (Ruth Moufang, 1905–1977)

The BEST Theorem (171) (Tatyana van Aardenne-Ehrenfest, 1905–1984)

The Bungers–Lehmer Theorem on Cyclotomic Coefficients (175) (Emma Lehmer, 1906–2007)

A Generalised Hlawka Inequality (234) (Dorothy Manning Smiley, 1909–1988)

The Happy Ending Problem (99) (Esther Klein, 1910–2005)

The Ollerenshaw–Brée Formula (129) (Kathleen Ollerenshaw, 1912–2014)

The Lutz–Nagell Theorem (81) (Elisabeth Lutz, 1914–2008)

MacWilliams' Theorem (72) (Florence Jessie MacWilliams, 1917–1990)

The DPRM Theorem (43) (Julia Robinson, 1919–1985)

The Transversal Matroid Theorem (157) (Hazel Perfect, ?–2015)

A Theorem on Rectangular Tensegrities (140) (Jenny Baglivo)

Bailey's Theorem on Latin Squares (53) (R.A. Bailey)

The Beardwood–Halton–Hammersley Theorem (109) (Jillian Beardwood)

The Lecture Hall Partition Theorem (156) (Mereille Bousquet-Mélou)

A Theorem of Melody Chan on Group Actions (51) (Melody Chan)

1-factorisation of Regular Graphs (80) (Amanda Chetwynd)

The Strong Perfect Graph Theorem (60) (Maria Chudnovsky)

The Panarboreal Formula (146) (Fan Chung)

The Polynomial Coprimality Theorem (116) (Sylvie Corteel and Carla D. Savage)

The Asymptotic (Half) Liar Formula (126) (Ioana Dumitriu)

A Theorem about Gaussian Moats (248) (Ellen Gethner)

Quadratic Nonresidue is Zero-Knowledge Provable (161) (Shafi Goldwasser)

The Greibach Normal Form Theorem (180) (Sheila Greibach)

A Theorem on Maximal Sum-free Sets in Groups (214) (Sarah Hart)

Heath's Finitely Discontinuous Function Theorem (162) (Jo Heath)

The Existence Theorem for Orthogonal Diagonal Latin Squares (131) (Katherine Heinrich)

The Diaconis–Holmes–Montgomery Coin Tossing Theorem (164) (Susan Holmes)

An Erdös–Ko–Rado Theorem on Intersecting Permutations (66) (Claudia Malvenuto)

Neumann's Separation Lemma (64) (Sheila Oates Macdonald)

The McIver–Neumann 1/2-n Bound (159) (Annabelle McIver)

The Analyst's Travelling Salesman Theorem (108) (Kate Okikiolu)

The Sims' Conjecture (65)

and Praeger's Theorem on Bounded Movement (135) (Cheryl Praeger)

The Three-Distance Theorem (78)

and The Friendship Theorem (163) (Vera Sós)

A Theorem on Apollonian Circle Packings (160) (Catherine Yan)

The Existence Theorem for Bachelor Latin Squares (176) (Bridget Webb)


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